Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Return of Mubarek's Children

(re-blogged from Brother Abdullah al Andalusi's blog here):

egypt-cabinetThe children of Mubarak have returned.
It would be foolish to believe that Mubarak spent 30 years of ruling without permeating every facet of Egyptian bureaucracy, media and economy with like minded people. Of course, the people are not devotees to the cult of Mubarak, but they are old guard Secular Nationalists from the post-colonial era of the 1950s in the Muslim world. These are known in Egypt as the ‘felool’.
They have made their nation their idol, and view religion and politics to be separate things, albeit with a few cultural values left to placate the Muslim masses. Mubarak was from that era, and was a product of it.
But after being forced to retire their former frontman Mubarak, due to popular protests, and grudgingly accepting elections that, despite their best efforts, saw the victory of Mohammed al Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), the Secular Nationalists have risen again.
But how did they return? Simple, they never left.

Moroccan King Pardons Spanish Pedophile

Just when your imaginations think the client regimes in the Middle East cannot get any lower, one of them pull through and demonstrate that they can.