Mission Statement

iSiyasah (the handling of the everyday affairs of the people) is a blog dedicated to the intellectual and political revival of the Muslim mind.  We work through our blog to:

  • Obtain the pleasure of the Almighty (SwT) by disseminating Islamic political ideas and calling Muslims and others towards them so as to become a beacon in the darkness of exploitative capitalism and a light for the ongoing Global Islamic revival.
  • Serve as a vehicle to better propagate the Islamic viewpoint on current events as well as disseminating Islamic ideas about issues.
  • Expose the traitors, agents, and social climbing careerists amongst the Arab/Muslim community who speak & act in the name of a community/religion/group they do NOT represent
  • Highlight and gather discussions around the plans, schemes, and plots of the colonialists in the region keeping the Muslim World in mental and physical shackles both locally and globally.
  • Provide a channel and direction for Muslim youth in a sea of hopeless alternatives of senseless violence or political shortcomings.