Sunday, January 26, 2014

Our Credibility Problem: Its a Conspiracy

 In light of some of the more ridiculous conspiracy theories peddled by the client regimes in Muslim lands, their employees and agents in different state-controlled media, as well as misguided Muslims in regards to world events such as September 11th, the causes of the Arab "Spring", the war in Syria, the Iraq war, or suicide bombings in Muslim lands, we present below a video of Professor Noam Chomsky castigating a 9/11 "truther" as well as a reprint of an excellent article by Brother Amir Butler below articulating why this type of thinking goes against Islam and is ultimately counterproductive.

It should be emphasized, that in the age of social media and hyperconnectedness -- always VERIFY what you read from multiple sources.  Furthermore, peddling well spun fiction (without any verification from reality) as opposed to studying the reality itself -- is one of the principle causes of decline of the Muslim world today.

It is our hope here at iSiyasah that any revival of the Muslim mind would first begin by engaging with reality, studying/observing it carefully, and then going through the rigorous process of finding evidence to justify political views and thinking-- rather than in believing the lazy fantasies of conspiracy theories.