Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Why Iran is NOT an Islamic State


The purpose of this article is to lay out concrete evidence to dispel the myth that Iran (as they claim) is an Islamic State.  Before we address this myth, we at iSiyasah.com would like to point out that all those claimants of "Islamic governments" of today are myths too.  There is not one state today that adheres to the principles, rules, and laws that our beloved prophet (SaW) laid down with regards to statecraft and political practice.  This blog post is an attempt at demystifying and deconstructing one such attempt via the "Islamic" Republic of Iran to pass itself off as the Islamic state or model for all other Muslims to emulate.

That being said, Iran is NOT an Islamic state.

Monday, September 9, 2013

20 Questions for Hamza Yusuf & His Followers (1/2)

War Criminal Sitting with American "Muslim" Celebrity Imam along with other American made commodities

America Exports a lot of cultural garbage in the name of globalization/capitalism to the rest of the world.  Everything from cheaply manufactured pop 'music' acts (boy/girl bands, Britney Spears, etc), to McDonalds/fast food, to trashy 'reality' TV shows, to cheaply made plastic toys, to pornography -- if there is a way to monetize behavior in the name of profits and new markets, the tools and levers of capitalism are there to help commoditize human experience.

To this disposable scrap heap, should be added the new US Government made version of "American" Islam.  It's chief principal spokesperson or BritneySpears-like pinup namely being (self-styled) "Sheikh" Hamza Yusuf [Mark Hanson], pictured at Bush's post 9/11 speech above)

This un-elected, media anointed "spokesperson"for Muslims, like any media celebrity, comes with his own fawning entourage, many of whom would sell their souls just to bask in his presence.   In an attempt to help clarify where reality/truth begin and where the celebrity/fantasy world ends, consider this blog post a very humble request for "Sheikh" Hamza Hanson & his followers to get a reality check.  To that end, here are 20 questions (which can be answered in any order) that we have helped compile over the years at iSiyasah that can help expedite the process: